Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation

About Our Program

About PKYF

The qualities and personality of Patrick Kelley are carried out in the events and programs we hold to this day. The Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, registered within the state of Nevada.  

Like Pat’s contagious smile, PKYF seeks to infect people with love, positivity, and continuous care.  Our services include college access, financial assistance, K – 12 educational support, extracurricular opportunities and aid to disadvantaged families.

We are fortunate to see the impact of Pat’s kindness and concern for others in this foundation.  In nearly 20 years of operation, we’ve been able to foster an infinite cycle of people who pay it forward to help others. We believe this is what makes us unique and why we’ve been able to help more and more people each year. 

What We Do

For almost 20 years, we've been impacting the Las Vegas community.

Our mission is to provide opportunity and access to disadvantaged youth by supporting their educational goals. PKYF offers three key areas of support within Las Vegas: academic incentives, scholarship aid, and charitable giving to local families.

About Patrick Kelley

Few of us are fortunate enough to meet someone who changes our outlook on life. Patrick Kelley (Pat) was one of those rare people. 

At the age of 30, it took one moment in March 2002 to end Pat’s time on earth. But in that moment, a whole series of events shifted, influencing the impact his family and friends would have in the Las Vegas region for years to come. 

Pat’s passion, generosity, positivity, personality, and smile brought together the people he directly touched. It’s these qualities that we sought to honor within the inception of The Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation (PKYF) and what we hold on to today.